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Our Founders

Calaca Mamas was founded by sisters Angela & Mariam El Haj, who are second-generation restauranteurs in Southern California. The sisters love and passion for the food industry started at a very young age when they began working in the restaurants their parents owned. Throughout the years their roles and duties shifted but one thing always remained consistent - their love for bringing people and their families together surrounded by delicious food. They originally acquired the space for its potential but in the search for a concept, nothing was quite right. That's when they knew their dream of creating a one-of-a-kind concept was about to come true.

So they set out to create something uniquely them. They had a list of core themes: family, comfort, real ingredients, delicious food, sustainability, fun, unique environment, feel good, welcoming with delicious drinks. So with that list in hand the sisters started working on what would fulfill their dreams and what was needed in this area of Anaheim, and before long Calaca Mamas Cantina was born. An homage to a culture that they love, with a beautiful celebration of life practiced during "Día de los Muertos" that the sisters have always admired. They created a space where they want you to feel like familia every day of the year.

We pride ourselves on serving real food from our homemade kitchen that supports our local growers and farmers and sources clean, non-GMO and organic ingredients when possible. We only source sustainable seafood, grass-fed meats, and free-range chicken. We not only want our food to be delicious, but we want you to feel good eating it too.

Welcome to Calaca Mamas!